I am a mother to Yuli and a part time homeschooling mom.  I have a degree in psychology and electric engineering.  I always believed that kids, especially at the younger ages, learn most efficiently when they are playing and having fun. I am also a strong believer that the learning process can be not only an educational experience but also a tool to strengthen the parent-child bond.he activities that I will share on this page are inspired by the work I did with my own daughter Yuli. Yuli is 7 years old and she always challenges me to look for creative and fun activities for her education. Every activity I will share was tested and approved by Yuli, this is why I know that your child will love it too. Kids learn most efficiently when they play and have fun. This is true for every age but especially for the younger ages. Hope you will enjoy the activities and always happy to hear your feedback and your experience with educational activities.